Jan 6, 2019

Dividend Income - December & Full Year 2018

Happy New Year 2019! The year 2018 is now officially over and out, but let's take a look back how it actually went. Every year the last month is traditionally a big one for many dividend investors, and I'm no exception. In December 2017 I was able to collect $238.34 in the form of dividends. Once again, trying to improve from there. I had exactly the same payers now than a year ago. But almost in every position there are now more shares, and each of these companies raised their dividend during 2018. So, this should be a good one. To achieve my yearly goal of $4,000 I needed approximately $270 from this December. In total 17 companies paid dividend to me this month. Here is the comparison table of December 2017 and 2018 dividends:

CompanySymbolDec 2017Dec 2018
3M CompanyMMM11.7519.04
Amgen IncAMGN13.8018.48
Archer-Daniels Midland CoADM16.6419.10
Canadian UtilitiesCU.TO11.0920.06
Coca-Cola CoKO11.8412.48
Emerson Electric CoEMR10.1910.29
Enbridge IncENB.TO14.6320.80
Eversource EnergyES12.8216.16
Gilead Sciences IncGILD9.3611.40
Johnson & JohnsonJNJ20.1624.30
Lockheed Martin CorpLMT16.0017.60
Main Street Capital CorpMAIN14.8815.04
Old Republic InternationalORI13.3116.38
Pinnacle West CapitalPNW13.2017.70
Realty Income CorpO 8.2710.14
Target CorpTGT16.7418.56
Unilever N.V.UNA.AS23.6632.52

All right, so the total this December was $300.05. This means 25,9% increase year-over-year. Generally speaking I would like to see at least 20% growth every month, so this was nicely above that target. Smashing the 300 mark was nice too! Excluding April months, this was a new record.

Good progress at MMM, CU.TO and UNA.AS thanks to dividend raises and additional shares bought. Unilever was also the biggest payer. I bought it more than other stocks in this group, during 2018. Here are my dividends in a graph:
Total dividends for the year: $4,028.27 This is 22,6% increase from last year. My goal (re-adjusted higher in the beginning of June) for this year: $4,000. Goal passed and exceeded by $28.27 or 0,7%! Now that was a great ending for 2018. Storming past 300 for the month and passing the yearly goal.

Wow, there has been some crazy fluctuation on the stock markets in December and the beginning of January. But that doesn't really affect my strategy, as I continue buying more every month. So, I have added to my existing positions at Royal Bank of Canada (RY.TO), Hormel Foods (HRL), Procter & Gamble (PG), Xcel Energy (XEL). Just to name a few. My Portfolio page has been updated to reflect these trades.

OK, so here are the final columns from last five years. Going in right direction, I think. Good to see that I was able to accelerate a little bit 2017-->2018 compared to 2016-->2017. But now the eyes will turn into new year and coming months. All these companies, except KO, should pay dividend again in March 2019. Before next ex-dividend date I'm currently looking to buy additional shares at ADM, CU.TO, JNJ, LMT, UNA.AS.

Please note that I don't make any currency conversions here. I report dividends as they appear in their own currency. This time CU.TO and ENB.TO were paid in CAD, UNA.AS in EUR, and the rest in USD. Additionally all numbers are before taxes. This prevents currency fluctuations and tax hassles from affecting my progress.

Thanks for reading. Dividend Income page has been updated to include December dividends.

Disclosure: Long all stocks that paid dividend in December 2018


  1. Solid work Snail, onwards and upwards!

    1. Thanks Dream. Right, onwards and upwards, that's the idea!

  2. Outstanding, Snail. I, too, noticed from your chart this year's acceleration in dividends compared to prior years - nice work. Congrats on crossing the 4K mark for the year, too.
    I shared 6 companies with you in December.

    1. Thanks, Engineering. That acceleration in growth really feels good. Trying to keep this progress going into 2019.

  3. Congratulations Snail - An excellent way to end 2018. I'm glad you were able to cross some big milestone numbers as well. Keep the hustle alive and keep on going!


    1. Thank you Bert. Not a bad ending to the year. 300, 4K and yearly goal achieved.

  4. Great job on reaching your annual income goal! Your passive income has been growing really steadily for the past five years.

    1. Thanks, Deluge. Yeah, growth has been really steady. I wish only that it would have been a little bit faster:)