Mar 4, 2018

Dividend Income - February 2018

And the second month of 2018 already finished, let's see if I have made any progress when it comes to dividend income. During February 2017 I managed to collect $159.57. Since then one stock, Deere & Co (DE) has left my portfolio. Then again there is one newcomer compared to last Feb: Hormel Foods Corp (HRL). It was good to see that HRL was able to patch the hole left by DE. In total 13 companies paid dividend to me this month. Here is the comparison table of February 2017 and 2018 dividends:

CompanySymbolFeb 2017Feb 2018
Abbott LaboratoriesABT15.3716.24
AT&T IncT17.6420.00
CVS Health CorpCVS7.5111.00
Emera IncEMA.TO12.0119.21
General Mills IncGIS12.4816.17
Hormel Foods CorpHRL09.00
Main Street Capital CorpMAIN5.556.08
Omega Healthcare InvestorsOHI22.9424.42
ONEOK IncOKE11.0715.40
Procter & Gamble CoPG13.3916.55
Realty Income CorpO7.378.98
Royal Bank of CanadaRY.TO16.6019.11
Welltower IncWELL10.4416.53
Deere & Co DE7.200

All right, so the total this February was $198.69. This means 24,5% increase year-over-year. Hah, just shy of 200! But that's okay. Growth was there. Generally speaking I would like to see at least 20% growth every month, so this was a good result. This might have been my last sub-$200 month ever! I should crack this number easily now in every second and third month of every quarter. But those first months still need some work.

Great progress with EMA.TO thanks to dividend raise and additional shares bought. And of course HRL as a new payer compared to last year. OHI was the biggest payer and its share of the total is a bit elevated. Additionally its risk level has been on the rise lately. Therefore I don't intend to buy more in near future. Here are my dividends in a graph:
Total dividends during months 1-2 this year: $429.13 This is 49,8% increase from last year. OK, this is amazing number, but inevitably it will come down in the near future. My goal for this year: $3,900. This would mean 18,7% increase to 2017's income. I expect that my pace will remain strong in March, but what's going to happen in April, that's another story.

After a long absence volatility made a comeback in the beginning of February. Too bad I didn't have a lot of cash available at that time, but I have made several small additional purchases through February anyways. My Portfolio page has been updated to reflect these trades.

So, year 2018 is on, and 429 bucks earned in two months. Not a bad start. But now the eyes will turn into coming months. All these companies should pay dividend again in May. Before next ex-dividend date I'm currently looking to buy additional shares at GIS, HRL, PG, EMA.TO and RY.TO.

Please note that I don't make any currency conversions here. I report dividends as they appear in their own currency. This time EMA.TO and RY.TO were paid in CAD, and the rest in USD. Additionally all numbers are before taxes. This prevents currency fluctuations and tax hassles from affecting my progress.

Thanks for reading. Dividend Income page has been updated to include February dividends.

Disclosure: Long all stocks that paid dividend to me in February 2018.


  1. The one that really concern me and is on my portfolio is OHI. Is my biggest holding currently and looking to trim some since I have a high exposure to it. Last year the dividend was extremely safe but now is up there almost to the point they can't afford to pay it. Will see how this plays out. I like the double digit increase at this phase soon enough it will start covering all expenses. I see next month will be a huge one for you looking forward to see it. Have a good one :D

    1. I'm a bit concerned about OHI too. Hopefully they are able to maintain their dividend level.
      April is soon here and it's time to cash in those annual dividend checks. It means that I'm able to buy more stocks which is nice:)
      Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Your dividend pillars looks good mate! keep going strong!

    1. Thanks Geek! Yeah, it looks like those pillars are growing in right direction.

  3. good job those pillars going up so you are doing something right. Good YOY. we share 5 companies. Keep it up

    1. Hi D&H. Good to hear that we shared quite a few companies this month. Yeah, can't complain about that growth.